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Advanced Digital Technology-Based Projection Facility Proposed by George Lucas on Grady Ranch, Marin County, CA
Quarry Heights River Zone Edge, Petaluma, CA. Client: CSW|ST2
Wetland Preserve and Residences on the Gelsar Property, Hercules, CA
Fish Passage Barrier Removal and Restoration on Ignacio Creek, College of Marin Indian Valley Campus

Planning, designing, and managing projects that preserve and enhance the natural resources when the land is developed or improved.

Georgia McDaniel & Associates (GMcD), a woman-owned sole proprietorship, provides professional services for architects, civil engineers, developers, builders, counties, municipalities, educational institutions, and private landowners in the areas of environmental planning, land planning, project management, and project entitlements throughout Marin County and Northern California. GMcD brings over twenty-five years of experience in project management, land planning, landscape architecture and environmental planning services (including the obtainment of environmental permitting) for both private and public projects with residential, commercial, office, R&D, institutional, recreational, and/or open space land uses.

"Georgia McDaniel has been an indispensable part of the Skywalker Ranch development team and has been a critical resource when developing projects in highly sensitive locations. Georgia's skills are not only her mastery of the science of environmental planning but also in her design sensibilities and political acumen to deliver comprehensive solutions. Her role as adviser to the ownership group, leader of the design team and coordinator of the jurisdictional agencies is founded on years of experience and positive results. Her expertise has enabled us to complete a coordinated multi-disciplined project design that has withstood all technical and jurisdictional scrutiny. I would recommend Georgia to anyone looking to develop a project in Northern California."

John Wynne, Architect, MCR
Director, Design and Construction
Lucas Real Estate Holdings