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Selected Projects

Grady Ranch Precise Development Plan – Marin County, California

Grady Ranch Precise Development Plan

As a consultant to CSW|ST2, GMcD was project manager, environmental planner and landscape architect for this Skywalker Properties/Lucasfilm advanced, digital technology-based film production facility project. GMcD coordinated the preparation of all reports, studies, documents and drawings prepared by project consultants and CSW|ST2 that were required for the obtainment of entitlements for the Grady Ranch Precise Development Plan (PDP) from the County of Marin. The project included a main building, gate house, main entry road, the realignment of Lucas Valley Road at the main entrance to Grady Ranch, improvement of fire roads, nine bridges and other related improvements on this 239-acre site. GMcD was responsible for the preparation and submission of the Grady Ranch PDP application package to the Marin County Community Development Agency (MCCDA) and all responses to MCCDA Notices of Project Status. GMcD also coordinated the tasks of the project design team plus the activities associated with various environmental regulatory agencies for the environmental permitting of the restoration of approximately one mile of creeks and riparian corridors on Grady Ranch.

Gelsar Property - Hercules, California

Gelsar Property Plan Before and After - Hercules, California

Gelsar Property - Hercules, California

GMcD prepared a new land use plan for this 106-acre parcel scattered almost entirely with 18.5 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. The new land use plan allowed the development of the property with residential, commercial, office/R & D and open space uses while preserving and enhancing the natural resources and served as the wetland mitigation plan for environmental permitting. GMcD provided project management services that included the coordination of activities by various project consultants and the obtainment of the required environmental permits, a general plan amendment and entitlements from the City.

Quarry Heights River Zone Edge - Petaluma, California

Quarry Heights River Zone Edge - Petaluma, California

The former wetland habitat along the Petaluma River was degraded many decades ago by the placement of fill and the quarry operations. As a consultant to CSW|ST2, GMcD prepared the Salt Marsh/Riparian Habitat Restoration and Bank Stabilization Plan for the 30-foot wide River Edge Zone. The entire length (590 feet) along the Petaluma River will be restored to a native salt-marsh and riparian habitat. GMcD was responsible for the design and preparation of the restoration plan that includes the demolition of existing structures along the river bank, improvement of an existing dock, construction of an elevated boardwalk, bank stabilization, and habitat restoration. In addition, GMcD obtained all of the required permits from the environmental regulatory agencies for these improvements plus the storm drain outfall for the entire residential project. The river zone project will add another section of the Petaluma River Trail providing public access along the river. GMcD also participated in the preparation of the landscape and grading plans for the entire 314-unit Quarry Heights residential project on 47 acres.

Marin County Department of Public Works Tennessee Valley/Manzanita Connector Pathway - Marin County, California

The purpose of the project was to upgrade the existing path to meet current ADA accessibility and design standards for a multi-use pathway. CSW|ST2, in association with GMcD, prepared the plans to improve the existing path between the Mill Valley-Sausalito multi-use pathway to the east and the intersection of Marin Avenue and Tennessee Valley Road to the west plus the addition of the Manzanita Connector Pathway. As consultant to CSW|ST2, GMcD was responsible for obtaining environmental permits from the federal, state and regional environmental regulatory agencies. The project was funded by a Federal Non-motorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP) grant.

Starting at the Mill Valley-Sausalito multi-use path, approximately 780 linear feet of the Tennessee Valley Pathway was re-located along the upland (previously filled) area adjacent to the Holiday Express Inn parking lot. The relocation of the pathway onto the upland minimized impacts on the salt marsh as a result of improving the pathway and allowed the marsh to re-vegetate in this previous segment of the path. The improved path continues as an 850 linear-foot elevated boardwalk through the salt marsh.

College of Marin/Indian Valley Campus Fish Passage Barrier Removal, Creek Restoration and Bank Stabilization along Ignacio Creek - Novato, California

College of Marin/Indian Valley Campus

As a consultant to CSW|ST2, GMcD was responsible for preparation of plans for the removal of a 5-foot high grouted rock spillway, earthen bridge with two 25-foot long 48-inch diameter culverts and the concrete along the 25-foot length of channel bottom in-between them plus the restoration of the creek channel in this 55-foot section of Ignacio Creek and 415 feet directly upstream and 20 feet directly downstream of this section. This work served as mitigation for bank stabilization at 8 bridges and additional locations along Ignacio Creek and a tributary at the College of Marin, Indian Valley Campus. A new bankfull channel was constructed along the 490-foot section of Ignacio Creek (Reach 2) with floodplains in certain areas. Converging rock weirs tied into the creek bed and banks provide grade control to inhibit channel incision due to the removal of the spillway and earthen bridge plus they provide for fish passage. Native riparian species were planted on the new floodplains and on the creek banks disturbed by the sediment removal and creation of the new bankfull channel. GMcD was also responsible for obtaining all of the environmental permits from the environmental regulatory agencies.

Santa Rosa Plain Vernal Pool Ecosystem Preservation Plan -
Sonoma County, California

GMcD worked with federal and state environmental agencies plus city, county, congressional, and private representatives for a year in the preparation of this plan covering 55,000 acres in Sonoma County. Contracted by the Sonoma County Farm Bureau and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, GMcD represented the interests of the agricultural community in the preparation of this plan and developed a public outreach program for wetland regulations, a streamlined regulatory process, wetland mitigation and vernal pool preservation.

Summit Drive Precise Development Plan - Woodacre, California

GMcD was responsible for preparing and obtaining the approval of the Precise Development Plan for the 25-acre Remainder Parcel 6 of Skye Ranch. The property is located on a slope of varying steepness with five ephemeral streams that traverse the site and is mostly covered with mixed evergreen forest. The approved Precise Development Plan subdivided the parcel into 3 lots with each lot designated with a building envelope for one residence and a septic system. Conceptual architectural plans were prepared to show how each of the residences would meet the building height restrictions. The plan also included improvements for Summit Drive.

Peri Park Tennis Courts Bank Stabilization, Pedestrian Bridge Replacement and Environmental Permitting - Fairfax, California

Peri Park, Fairfax, CA photo

As a consultant to CSW|ST2, GMcD was responsible for the preparation of plans and environmental permitting for the repair of bank failure along the creekside edge of the Town of Fairfax Peri Park tennis courts and the replacement of a pedestrian bridge over Fairfax Creek within Peri Park. The eroded 10-foot high bank was restored with a mechanically-stabilized earth (MSE) system planted with live willow stakes. The toe of the slope was reinforced with rock rip rap. Activities were coordinated with FEMA and CalEMA since damage occurred during the Presidentially-declared 2005-2006 disaster and repair was funded by both agencies.

As a consultant to CSW|ST2, GMcD was also responsible for the preparation of plans and environmental permitting for three other Town of Fairfax creek projects requiring repair of damage as a result of the 2005-2006 disaster: Creek Road Bridge Bank Stabilization, Glen Drive Culvert Replacement and Pastori Storm Drain Outfall Bank Stabilization.